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Parkrun cancelled due to knees ))) :

Last weeks Parkrun made my knees, in particular the left one, quite sore. I think it must have been cutting my time by 40 seconds,ridiculous as it may sounds, it was really hard work. I did a shortish run on Tuesday and when I did my Keepfit class on Wednesday, I really suffered. There's a back kick, which, over the last year of losing weight and possibly getting fitter, I can manage to touch my rear end with my heels but this week it hurt and I couldn't get my left heel to touch said rear end. Also jumps hurt and I was quite upset to be so restricted. I went and looked at knee supports today. I decided to go for the Boots one purely because I thought, at 16 x the price of the Poundland one, it should be good! I've had it on for a few hours now, and while there is a small sore patch on the patella, my knee hasn't given way since putting it on. I've decided to go for shorter runs for a while, and see if it gets better. I think I really need to have the knee problem diagnosed...if I press directly to the inner side of the patella, I can feel a gristly movement just as I bend my knee. This doesn't actually hurt and perhaps it's normal but I think I need the right exercises for the particular problem, so shorter runs for the next few days, and the Parkrun will have to go on without me for now.

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Oh no! The 'not-running club due to injury' is growing by the day :(

Hope the Doc can take a look and give an opinion. Let us know the outcome.


Oh heck, really hope you get this sorted, Stayinbed! You've done so well and I'm sure some exercises and maybe a rest period will help! :-)


Thanks, this is one club we really don't want to join! The knee support seems to be helping. I'll keep you posted! I did a short run today which wasn't too bad, so I'm going to keep the runs short for now!


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