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Help where do I restart ??

Unfortunately due to various problems i have not been able to get out running for over a month. I am just getting over a chest infection, tried running on a treadmill and only managed approx 6 mins. Any advice on where i should restart the program will be gratefully received.... i'm so disappointed about my lack of running and the plan is to train to 10k but where do i start????

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you say you are "just getting over a chest infection", could it just be that you aren't fully recovered? As 30 minutes down to 6 minutes seems quite drastic unless you have been bed-ridden.

Why not try week 5, then if you get to 20 minutes without any trouble on run 3, try doing week 7.


Hi Icandothis! i'm sorry to hear that you've been out of action; I've been trying to continue on but still have shin splints so I am going to take a month off now. If I were you I'd take it easy on myself and go back to intervals perhaps week 3? It would then only take a couple of weeks to be running 20 minutes again confidently again.

I miss my weekly park runs near you! I bet the trees are starting to turn now, and if you go in the morning I bet the mist from the lakes is pretty.


I stopped for a month and a half as commitments got in the way and yesterday went back, starting where I left off on week 8 (28 minutes) but I've been in good health; As you're a graduate I'd agree with the others, you're probably still just not quite recovered enough. Either give yourself a bit more time off, or do 6 minutes a day if that's what your body is comfortable with, or as mattaitch says, try week 5 as that's a good builder.

Good luck and get well soon! (:


Really sorry to hear you have been unwell icandothis, chest infections are NOT good, I know I'm an expert on them. You really need to take it easy and work slowly. If your running outside too the air is much colder now (up here anyway) so that can play a big part. Try walking and build up to speed walking first then if your breathing is OK a gentle jog for 5 minutes and add on from there. You won't really need to follow the structure of the programme you've been there done that and got the Tshirt but if it helps to have Laura along use it. But more importantly listen to your body, don't overdo it and that way you should be back to normal running within a few weeks. Take care and good luck, nice to have you back.


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