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Where do I restart after an unintended break?

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Help, I’ve been ‘off running’ for 18 days - wasn’t well and then basically when I felt better I’d lost my nerve. I was only two runs from completing. Ready to rejoin now and so want to do this - but where do I start - beginning of week 8 and see how it feels? Suggestions anyone?

It really matters to me to compete this and until now I had only missed one week due to bad weather......

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Yeah go for week 8. If you need to stop on 25 minutes, do week 7.

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If you have been off running for less than two weeks you can continue from where you left off, but you have been off for almost 3 weeks so it probably would be advisable to restart at week 5 run two, however, if you feel comfortable with your running you can quickly go to where you left off which was the 28 minute run of week 8, take it slowly whatever run you do.

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Welcome back...head out for a jogette.. see how everything feels...your body will tell you...and maybe if all is well.. Week 7? Just as a recap..?

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As stated in the guide to the plan, healthunlocked.com/couchto5... you lose no significant condition in the first two weeks of non running.

After that loss of condition is gradual.

All any of us can do after a lay off is to go out and see what we can comfortably manage, then build back up gently, using C25k or something similar as a guide to weekly increase

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Not really sure I know the answer, I am sure once you start to run your body will soon tell you what’s comfortable. Welcome back and good luck whatever stage you start back at 😊

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IslandSloggerGraduate in reply to Reliclullaby

Thanks, I think the consensus appears to be go out there and see, so hopefully that is what I will do tomorrow! 🤞

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I probably say this a lot but I’m a great believer in doing one makes you feel comfortable. Everyone’s body behaves differently so have a go and see how you feel, you can always stop when you want 😊

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