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Week 2

So, this morning was R1 of W2. I honestly thought it would be horrid but in fact I surprised myself and completed it. This will never be easy. If it was the whole town would be out there jogging. I saw a friend twice on my route walking her dog but luckily was jogging both times so the comment "hard isn't it" didn't feel too negative. I note that some of you have experienced a few negative laughs/comments when walking as instructed to by Laura. Seems mighty unfair. For me at least its been a real effort to start this 9 week programme but at least I'm doing it! Two other friends of mine have recently run 10Ks and one has said she will join me in the Race for Life next Spring. Its great to have support from those who know what this jogging/running lark is all about. So to all of you already doing this 9 week programme, to those of you who have graduated and to those of you contemplating starting lets keep the spirit of positivity and support each other....... for a healthier future!

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