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Week 4 -starting to feel a few little niggles

After having 4 days off with a bad cold I completed week 4 run 1 this evening. My knees felts as though they had aged 20 years since my last run and it took me till the second 3 minute run to start to get into the groove.

I have been quite apprehensive about running for 5 minutes, but although shattered and running at a snails pace, i didn't feel like I was on my last legs at the end.....I know I can run further.

It was nice to do more running than walking today...I always seem to see people that I know when I'm on the walking sections, looking like a lazy bum rather than a 'runner'!

I am starting to feel a few little niggles now however with twinges in my right knee and ankle once I start the cool down walk...I'm hoping this is just caused by the cross over from running to walking?

Roll on run two! Hopefully a bit quicker than today!

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Well done for starting week 4, I'm exactly 1 week behind you and get more apprehensive as each week goes on but I'm always surprised that it's never as bad as I feared.

Good luck for run 2 and keep it up :-)


Don't mind the niggles. It's good that you notice them... and then you can notice them fade away. I think it's all part of the process of the body adjusting to the new form of exercise. There's bound to be an adjustment, isn't there? But think of it as the body adapting and strengthening. It's a GOOD thing.


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