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Week 2 Run 2, Nearly two weeks already?

It may not seem like much but it I cant believe in two days I'll be finished week 2. It really flown in, and its starting to annoy me that I didn't do this earlier, I've had all summer while I've been off uni but I've just been too lazy. But never mind that, this time is for really and I'm not giving up.

The first interval today really took it out of me, these hills aren't getting easier. There is nothing really exciting to say about this run. I did a fitness dvd straight after and was exhausted, spent the rest of the day lazing about. feel like I deserve it. But I am excited for the next one :)

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Great job! My husband and myself are now into week 7 and we can't believe how fast the program has flown by. This is the perfect time of year to be doing the program compared to the heat of the Summer. Looking forward to more updates! :-)


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