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Failure to launch :( - aka post grad slump

I graduated just over a week ago and feel a bit lost without my weekly plan and Laura! I did a Parkrun 2 days after I graduated which was great. Then gave myself 2 days rest but then subsequently failed to go for my planned run. Got home from work late, it was cold, and all the standard excuses! Was really annoyed with myself. I did manage to get out the day after and do a 30 minute run using the week 9 podcast. It's hard motivation wise though as I know I've already done it and I'm not really aiming at anything (except to stay fit and get faster/be able to run longer).

Between the lack of a plan and winter coming I'm afraid I'm going to cave and loose my motivation. I downloaded B210K but don't feel ready for that yet. The only 'structure' I have is the Parkrun. I went again this weekend. I found it harder than my first one last week. This time I started nearer the back which I felt was better as I didn't have to watch everyone pass me by. It also meant I started a lot slower. I think it was about half way through before I 'settled' into a comfortable pace. A runny nose, a constant stitch and my hair coming undo didn't make it a comfortable. I thought I had finished in about 30 I knocked 7 seconds of last weeks time so came in 102 place at 27:54! Again I'm really pleased with that.

I need more structure during the week though. I've just downloaded the 3 C25K+ podcasts, but can't even decide which one to do first! Anyone got any advice on these, or which ones you 'enjoy' the most?

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I found it hard once I graduated to keep going. I still maintained my 2-3 30min runs each week, but there was no pushing, no trying to speed up, no challenge.

So I entered a 10k race which is fast (gulp) approaching. 6 weeks time in fact so I'm now trying to play catch up and up my distance as well as my speed. It's really helped with my motivation.

Only thing stopping me from running now is lack of time :(


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