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OMG Jacobs Ladder seems impossible to run up!!

Well I gave it a try this morning, very slowly too. 6.5K in 44:50 minutes but as I struggled up the long Abbotshall Rd I had to walk after 2/3rd of the way for 2 lamposts, then back to a very slow jog for the final section. Turn right OMG Jacobs Ladder was in front of me and it is soooo steep it seemed impossible to jog, so I'm back to as fast a walk as I could muster. Half way up I decided to try and jog to the top which I managed but only just!!!!

This route is going to take some serious hard work to master it. Onwards and upwards they say, so be it!! :)

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Well done! I'm still struggling with the flat let alone attempting steep hills!


Your scottish grit is very impressive. I can see you WILL conquer that hill! :D


Nah its Welsh stupidity I've just lived in Scotland for 40+ years. ;)


Still a bit of a newcomer then? Lol


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