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Well, see how work gets in the way of running!! I was unable to get back to do my usual Thursday run (R2) and so planned it for the Friday. But doesn't it just conspire against you sometimes: work, time, grandchildren and dinner!! And a bit of a knock to my knee yesterday meant I was also concerned it might not happen anyway. So, I ended up having three days break rather than the one, and doing a Saturday morning run today. It went as well as the Tuesday with a nice gentle pace and a marginally better speed than that one. Now, how to catch up on my programme? I reckon I'm going to go against Laura's advice and do a run tomorrow to get me finished W4 and ready to get going on W5 on Tuesday. I like the Sunday to finish my running week, even if it means starting on the new week on a Tuesday after school. I'll let you know tomorrow whether I actually did so and how I got on.

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Well done on R2, I did it myself this morning and managed to get through. I'm waiting until Monday for R3 but let us know how you get on tomorrow if you decide to go for it.


Will do. Have you had some disruption to your programme, because I think you were a day or two ahead of me before?


Yes, I failed a run last Wednesday, gave up in pain and decided to rerun that one (W4R2) then I'm a day behind because I took my daughter back to university on Friday.


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