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Been out of action for 3 weeks but fount a way not to go backwards

hi all

About three weeks ago I finished week 3 run 3 and my ankle was store the next day I could not walk on it my doctors told me I have torn the ligaments

so no running for 6 weeks and I am not walking so well on it but I stared to feel like a couch potato

so I went to a fitness centre and tried different machines and I fount a spin bike works you can put your progem on and sit down and spin when you are meant to be walking and stand up and spin when your running and it dose not hurt my ankle also I feel fitter and hopeful I will not have to go backwards to week one when my ankle is better

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I'm thinking of trying a fitness centre in winter. Treadmill or biking like this when it's below zero out sounds good to me. Doing all that you'll probably be able to pick up more or less where you left off!

Hope your ankle's better soon!


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