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New clothes, new shoes; old, boring route :-S

Time constraints tonight meant I had to run the route closest to home; which is the one I have ran a lot and am very bored with.

However, I set off at dusk again in my new long running top and trousers. The wind seemed to cut straight through me and I almost turned back to the house to get another layer.

Hoping I would warm up soon, I set out at a very brisk walk. I was wearing my new trainers for the first time and they are very light. I don't think I've felt the full benefit of them on this run as it was so windy and that really tired me out as I was running into it for a good part of the run. Also, they are a larger size (I knew my previous trainers were too small), and I found myself scuffing my toes on the footpath a few times. I really mustn't lift my feet off the ground properly!

The first 5-7 minutes of today's run were quite comfortable, but definitely not easy. Around 8 minutes is when I started to fade fast! I went from genuinely having not too bad a time, to feeling exhausted. I gave myself to 10 minutes, and then I'd walk. Then I remembered I was using W6R3 podcast and Laura didn't update me on the time until 12.5 minutes, so I'd run to then. By the time Laura chipped in, I was back to my slow shuffling steps, and I just felt like an eejit for wanting to stop. So I kept on going, very very slowly - I believe snails were lapping me at one point!

I carried on to the end and completed the run. I felt happy that I hadn't thrown in the towel, and content that I had given it my best shot. I also warmed up, despite the horrible wind :) I didn't absolutely hate the run, but I didn't love it either. A bit of an ambivalent one really.

Anyway, onwards and upwards; W7R2 next and I will be on holidays for it so I just hope I am able to fit it in. I have promised myself to do another new route for W7R3 and will definitely get round to making my own playlist :)

8 runs left! :-O

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The wind is something else at the moment, isn't it! Like you I am very bored of my running routes, so I now carry my running gear with me and I do runs in other areas as and when it is possible. I had a very interesting chat with one of the GPs I work with - she is keen runner, light years away from where I am in experience etc - and she warned me about not running the same route all the time. For example one of my routes is on tar all the way, and the camber of the road means that I am slightly listing to the left all the way round (single track country road and no pavements) so if I was to run that week in week out I would be on a fast track to stress injuries. Once I started running random routes I soon realised she is totally right as a lot of aches in pains in my shins and thighs have now disappeared.

Enjoy your running and also enjoy your own playlists when you get to using them. Enjoying your choice of music is so important on runs.


Very well done for completing the run when you didn't feel like it. :) I haven't had to run on any really windy days yet, but windy weather is the type I like least! I hope you have a great run on your holiday. Changes of route can be so enjoyable and a brilliant distraction from clock-watching. :)


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