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Wk6's true what people say!

its really hard!

I thought it would be a breeze as I'd managed wk5r3 with no problems! This was hard and I could have stopped but was determined not too and now so glad I didn't!

I reckon it must be that the 20 minute run takes a lot out of a body that hasn't run that long or far in it's entire life (45 yrs in my case) and it needs quite a few days to recover. I so so hope I'll be ok for the next 2 runs of week 6!!!

Wish me luck!

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Oh no!!!! W6R1 on Saturday..... was sort of looking forward to it! Good luck with R2 .


Great going! Week 6 has been the worse for me other then the first few runs. I go tonight for #3, please say a short prayer for me! So happy you made it into the 6's, we will hopefully be graduating close to the same time.


Just done my final run of Wk5 so Wk6 Run 1 on saturday for me! Gosh, maybe I'll do it on Sunday. Well done for finishing it !!


I just did W6R1 tonght and it's true, I certainly found it harder than anything in W5; though not hard enough that I ever thought I wouldn't make it.

My legs were really heavy on the second two runs of the three and I couldn't find a rhythm, so this was the day it was all about mentally making the decision to keep going no matter what.

It's true what everyone says about the music too - so far I've found it cheesy and corny as hell but reasonably effective at keeping me going, but tonight it provided no motivation (or distraction) at all.

Still, in the scheme of things this run wasn't a disaster so, onwards and upwards!


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