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Drop Outs!

Found this on the C25K website:

Interesting (and a little suprising) that most people drop out around week 4 or 5. So all of you that are at week 6 - you've beaten the odds.

And those of you that are at week 3 - don't become a statistic - keep going and become a runner. It really does feel great to be able to run for, first of all, 20 minutes and then in Week 6, 25 minutes.

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I found what he said quite interesting and yes, I guess a lot of people must drop out at some point, but I fervently agree with what he says at the end. The C25K has changed my life for sure. This most amazing programme, as long as you stick with it, will get you fit, tone you up and give you confidence you never dreamed of. It will also help you lose weight as part of a general diet and fitness programme. I never saw beyond the first 9 weeks when I first ran, but 5-6 weeks in I was thinking where do I go from here? And after the B210K I was thinking what next?? Just trust your body and it will take you wherever you want to go!



You're so right,Carole - which is why it's a shame when people drop out. They don't get to go that bit further and experience the satisfaction from runni ng non-stop for 20/25/30+ minutes.


That was interesting reading, and i suppose very true, but i always had a clear idea of why i started this and it was just to feel fitter and better, and it has exceeded my expectations! I am fitter, happier and more toned. Yes its hard, but it fits into my life, and the way i feel after a run is so worth the effort. So 30 mins 3 times a week especially after a tough day at work is great. To those doing the programme keep going, the rewards are worth it. :)


I could't agree with you more, IAAA!


Very interesting article. I graduated last friday and started B210K this evening and .I can honestly say that currently I dont want my journey to end. I want to keep running. I used to run at school level and represented my county for a spell at distance, xcountry and sprints/relay (Im now 37) Life just got in the way, went to college, I started smoking and that was it it. Thought i would never run again. I used to smoke 30 a day but an hour ago i ran 6.8 k and recovered within 5 minutes. When i packed in cigarettes i vowed I would complete the london marathon before I am 40. whether I will hit that target is another question but i am determined i will do it. I am just dreading the winter as i have no access to a treadmill. I dont mind the cold rain and wind. its the snow and ice that I worry about if last winter is anything to go by.


Ha! You are so going to run a marathon; I'd lay money on it!

Snow and ice? Pah soon-to-be marathon runners laugh in the face of snow and ice!!


Very interesting. I suppose that a lot of people treat doing the C25K almost like a diet, i.e. 'I'll do this 9 week podcast and then I will be fit', simlilar to a diet; 'I'll do this diet and then i'll be slim'.And, as with diets, most quit and go back to the couch.

But , as with healthy eating, if you carry on, it just becomes part of your life, naturally.

ShaneM said the key word I think "I'm determined to do it". Initially it is the gritty determination which can see you through the changes that we're asking of our bodies. Once running becomes habit, our bodies 'expect' the running (or healthy eating) and it just doesn't feel right if you stop.


Strangley I appear to able to convince my body on the running but am still struggling to get off the couch as far as diet is concerned. Maybe we need the right catalyst to get it all going, and then the simple grit (bone headedness) to get past the tricky 4 week mark. I found week5 such a scary idea I nearly buckeled at that point so I can kind of understand the drop off then.


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