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I am absolutely dripping!

I have new respect for you guys doing this plan on the treadmill rather than outside. With the summer hols over and being back at work I'm now facing doing my Wednesday run either in the dark round the aerodrome (chances of that happening=zero) or by streetlight up and down the hills round here, a prospect I'm not relishing but will probably get round to at some point. So, there being one on ebay fairly locally I 'invested' in a treadmill.

Hubby and son picked it up (and paid for it) after dinner this evening while I went to the gym. I got home, it's set up in the front room (when the novelty has worn off it will live in the shed). I know it's a rest day having done W5R3 yesterday morning, but that's almost 2 days ago, right? So I thought I'd have a quick 'play'. Set it to walk, walked for 30 seconds, increased the speed, OK now I'm running, possibly a bit quicker than outside, 3 minutes later I'd had enough! It's hard work, OK it's uphill, but only slightly. So I got off, turned it off, sat and watched woman on telly making food, thinking I could be running. So I went and got Laura.

We repeated W1R1, walking pace 4.6Kph, not bad, running pace 8.9Kph. At the end of the 20 minutes walk run cycle (I missed out the warm up and am heading for the shower for the cool down) I am dripping with sweat, literally!

So extra Kudos for everyone who is doing these runs on a treadmill, you're working so much harder than I am outside!

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I haven't run on a threadmill for about 13 years, but what puts me off doing it now (and I'm often tempted when the weather is bad) is that you have to run consistently at the same pace. When you're outdoors you can ease off or step it up depending on how you're feeling.


hI i'm on my second go at week 9 as last week i managed the first 30 min run but pulled a muscle so i did my first one again last night. :)

anyway... this is the first i've heard someone say that running on a treadmill is harder. i've done all this course on a TM and my friend who has ran for years runs outside, make jokes after i passed every week such as 'right time to do some real running outside'. She said its so much harder outside and so after i've finished this course I am hopefully going to start outside and probably feel like i'm back down to week 3 or something.... i hope not.


I am a little sceptical of the speed measurements on treadmills, I usually run (well jog) on my treadmill at home but while I was away recently I used someone else's treadmill (so I could keep going with my couch 2 5K). I set of at my usual speed and 10 mins in I was really really struggling, my next run I ignored what the speed said & just ran at what felt like normal pace to me. When I got back to my treadmill I was just as able to run at my normal speed, the two treadmills are clearly very different, yours might be making you run quicker than it says it is :)

I do like using the treadmill as it's very convenient, means I can run and look after the kids (well sort of) and don't have to go out running in public. Plus I live on a hill so don't fancy getting home at the end. It can be a little monotonous but I did envy outdoor runners at times during the summer when running in very hot and stuffy conditions.


Everyone I ever knew who ran on a treadmill to begin with says it's harder outside? I too am dubious about treadmill speeds - having started outside and occasionally use a treadmill at the gym. I set it to 10kph and sweat runs off me; but it's so damn hot in the gym without any fresh air going past you anyway!



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