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Well there were lots of mini reasons which will all sound like excuses, the worst of which was a terrible side stitch just after half way through, then an enourmous tractor at 13 minutes which I was forced to stop (in some nettles) to let pass and then stitch got so bad I struggled to start again. Walked for seven minutes to try and get rid of stitch and had to listen to Laura telling me how wonderful I am. Felt so bad that I rewound the podcast to halfway through and ran for 10 minutes. So I DID do 20 minutes - just not all at once. And I suppose 13 minutes and 10 minutes is still longer than W5R2, so I mustn't feel too bad. Will try again for 20 mins today.

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Bad luck Pelephant, but you don't need to feel bad at all. A stitch could happen to anyone. And now you've listened to Laura, you could take your own music and enjoy the run!


13 mins and then another 10?! 23 mins. That's certainly an achievement indeed! Good luck again today.


Hi Pelephant don't let it get you down. One minor mishap versus all the runs you've done isn't even worth worrying about. Take a break or if you're up to it do it again sooner and I'd place money that you'll get there.


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