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Very interesting book on HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training by James Driver

I picked up the above book for my Kindle for about £1.50 a while ago from Amazon. Just started reading it today. Its full of very interesting facts about HIIT how it works, why it works, its also good for people trying to lose weight and improve fitness.

Got to get back to my kindle, bye for now ;)

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Ooh thanks oldgirl, at that price I can afford to click the 'buy with one click' button - lovely! :-)


Will look at this later today, it'll be good motivation for when I've graduated.... note I say when and not if :)


Very interesting. Thanks for that Oldgirl.

That just might be my reward when I manage to complete W7.


Have just downloaded this Oldgirl along with The Art of Running Faster which had excellent reviews on Amazon. Hope they will inspire and motivate me.


Looks painful to me! Thanks for the heads up though! I got the Art of Running Faster and it's really good. Very inspiring.


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