Kindle 99p daily deal

One of the 99p daily deals for kindle today is:

Don't know if it's any good, but probably worth the investment.

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  • Ooo that looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh thanks for that! I'm going to download it now xx

  • Coo ta FB. That sounds interesting indeedy! Just recharged my kindle so I'm good to go. I am just reading Jamaica Inn and loving it

  • Thanks for the tip! I bought it and already read first chapter! Well worth a read!

  • ooooops, also purchased ;)

  • Thanks - it's now on my Kindle too... for 99p why the devil not! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Up to £4.79 by the time I got the email today. I'm currently reading Fast Exercise by Dr Michael Mosley which is super. I got that on a 99p deal at the beginning of the week. It's an excellent read.

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