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New to running !!!

Hello, I have just finished week 1 and have looked at week 2, not sure I can run for 90secs still finding 60secs hard !!! Should I repeat wk1 ?? Or just try wk2 ?? I am 37 and very overweight, along with weight watchers I hope to loose some weight !! I like to run in the morning after taking kids to school, but not sure if it is best to have breakfast before or after run ? Any advise would be much appreciated.

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Hi. You can definitely do it. I, too,am overweight and 50. Trust in the programme and keep going - as the running builds up each week that will help with the weight loss.

Re: the breakfast issue, I would have it after the run, but maybe have some fruit before you take the kids to school and some water of course! Just make sure that when you do get back that you don't over- reward yourself for the physical activity, although if you're with weight watchers then you'll be keeping track of what you eat anyway. Bloody well done for starting both programmes. Just take each run as it comes, knowing that each one is moving you forward to a fitter, slimmer, more vibrant and energetic woman. I tell you, I wished I'd done it at your age - although it's NEVER too late too start. I would say best of luck, but you don't need it, do you? ;-)


Hi, I'm new to this too and only a week ahead of you.

I'm 36, carrying more weight than I need to, I'm asthmatic and my knees hurt.

BUT... I'm giving this a go to improve overall fitness and lose some flab.

Before week 1 I was excited but terrified. I'm not a natural runner and doubted my ability to run for even 30 seconds. 60 sounded like torture.

However I did it, patted myself on the back and enjoyed the release of endorphins.

Once moving onto week 2 I thought I'd give it a try though no way would I manage that extra 30 secs.

Guess what, I've done it 3 times now! I don't know how, but I have.

I may be sweaty and wheezy and begging to hear Laura let me walk again but I've still managed to do it.

Now I have the same apprehensions about week 3 but I'm going to give it a go or I'll never know.

If I fail, I'll do a week 2 run again until I try again.

In fact I won't even call it failing because I'm out and keeping my legs moving. Always remember you're already fitter than the people still on the couch!

Definitely give it a go. You've nothing to lose. There's no failing no matter how long it takes.

And most of all don't be hard on yourself!

Keep us updated on your progress and good luck! :)


Thanks so much vivwestie and hezzabelle, you have made me feel so much better about it and you 2 have done so well that it makes me feel I can do it too !!! Well done to both of you, wk2r1 tomorrow, fingers crossed I get through it ;-)


62 and overweight. Struggled throughW1R1, yet somehow last night I did W3R1 (only just mind you). If I can do it anyone can!


Hi! When I read your post it was like reading my story. Am 38, doing weightwatchers (trying to lose 8 stone) and have the last run on week 1 left to do tmw and start week 2 on wednesday. I have NEVER been running ever.

I do my running after I left my kids at school but I have my porridge befor I do the run, around 7am. If I dont eat I feel nausious and get dizzy when running. I usually have a banana and water when I get home and then a light lunch.

I really really want to become a good runner and hopefully manage to compleat a marathon in the future.

I have not felt any pains or aches but have acually enjojed the running and are now finding myself longing for the next run. Who knew!?


I get up before the rest of the family and eat then as I generally wake up hungry (am the kind of person who regularly has a cooked breakfast on a weekday). By the time I've dropped the children at school, a couple of hours have passed. I don't find I really need anything to eat afterwards and I have weight to lose.


Gwencole you will be fine moving onto week 2, just remember its not about speed so if you start to find it difficult slow down.

The program works you only have to read the comments on this site and take a look at the number of people that have graduated.

I wish you all the best, your body will be ready if you have completed week one you just need to convince your mind!! that applies to all future runs as well as you are not alone starting a new week with doubts.

look forward to reading your next post


Thanks to all of you for comments, your advise and encouragement is appreciated. Hehe, it's nice to know your out there around the same time as me doing it too !!!


Yes we're all here Gwencole. I thought i wouldn't be able to jog for 90 secs either-I'm a run behind hezzabelle-but i thought I'll give it a shot and see how it goes, if not i'll go back into week 1. Well it came-Laura said are you ready-go, and I went. I was so surprised when the time was up and I'd done it! I found the rest of the first run less fearful after that. 2nd run i started, and please don't laugh, I was jogging and jogging, couldn't go on anymore, then Laura said that's your first run for week 5, well done! Oh hecky thump, my ipod somehow must have jumped from week 2 to 5, lol!! I did complete the run from start to finish, although I had decided to opt out of the last run. Good luck with your first run-once that's over you will feel so much better about it. Now for week 3-oh heck!


Lol, sorry pearsey, I did have a little chuckle !!! But well done, wk 3 will be no sweat after that !!! I did wk2r1 this morning and it went better than I thought, so I'm happy and won't be so worried about r2 on wednesday !! Good luck to you for week 3 but I know you will be fine ;-)


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