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First post grad run!

4.8k in 35 minutes, almost there!

2 things to ask you all;

1) How on earth do I get my graduate badge?

2) if you're achey after you run do you tend to have a nice warm bath or a cool one? I love warm ones but after watching the plympics heard someone saying about swimmers taking ice baths after swims to break down lactic acid. Obviously I'm not going to go to quite such an extreme (brrr) but just wondered which, of any was better for aches and stiff legs after a run?

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a) I don't know lol will be asking the same next weekend I hope :)

b) If it's just a general achey muscles thing, then I think a warm bath is good.

If you have soreness in a specific tendon, joint or muscle then an ice pack is better (don't put ice directly onto the skin)


a) send a message to John the admin guy (JR21 in the directory) to let him know you completed the programme and he will put the lovely well desrved green badge next to your name!

b) as ceefin says above

c) WELL DONE!! :)


Congratulations, meggyann - as doggymum says, message JR21 and you'll get that shiny green badge!


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