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Boy am i feeling the run today

Well as most people know i was wondering how to do my running as well as working the olympics in london. Turned out i need not have worreid as i got no work out of it. That bit i could cope with. As i suffer from depression to this sent me down, and for the last 2-3 months i have not been out for my runs.

Last night i thought enuff was enuff and gave myself a kick up the backside. Started back on w3 r1 the warm up walk as the lyrics played the sun is shining was apporiate as that moment the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Needles to say was a warm run. I got half way up the bank that keeps beating me before i had to admit defeat and walk the last 30 seconds of the 3 min run.

the 90 sec run was a bummer but made sure i got through it. The 2nd 3 min run wasnt to bad but the 3 min cool walk down seemed to be 10 mins

I will get throught this

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Brilliant, its hard to get back into an exercise routine once its broken so well done you :-)


i wana beat that piggin hill and get up it lol


Hang in there toonfan! Well done for getting out running again. It took me until after week 10 to beat my particular hill! You will do it but don't beat yourself up if it's not today - only walking 30 sec and then carrying on with the rest of the run sounds pretty good to me! :-)


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