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Back to it after injury

Hi this is my first time blogging! So after badly spraining my ankle in between W6R2 and 3 I finally got back to it almost 5 weeks later :( Wasn't sure how the foot would hold up as although I could walk normally, after being on my feet all day at work it still ached. So I strapped it up and did a W3 run which went really well so next time I did a W4 run and this week started again at week 5. The first one was great and after feeling disappointed that I should've graduated by now, I was glad I still remembered what to do. Last night I did W5R2 OMG!!! I could barely lift my legs, my hips and thighs were badly aching from about half way through the first run. I struggled through and almost cried when Laura said it was time to run again I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. I should probably have given up but I dragged myself to the end. This hadn't happened at all the first time round. I stretched and stretched and stretched last night but am aching all over this morning :( I will probably have to rest a few days then try it again before R3. Thanks for listening to my moan ( I had to tell someone who would understand :) ) and thanks for all the inspiration. xx

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Well done for getting out there and keeping going! The important thing is you didn't give up!



I believe you're in my area. Hope the aches improve :)


Thanks! Having trouble moving today and working tomorrow so that'll be fun ;)

I'm in ware auranya, where are you? x


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