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I pushed myself today and nearly made 5k

I pushed myself today and nearly made 5k

But not quite. I'm on W7R2, but since I'd run 28 mins on my previous run I thought I try for 30 minutes running today. I'd walked my usual route yesterday with my hiking GPS and knew exactly where the 1, 2 and 3 km points were; I turn round at 3km and run back for 2km, leaving one kilometre of uphill back to my house for the warm down walk.

Today I decided to run to the 3km turn around point and run back as far as I could - keeping going until I reached 30mins. At the field gate turn-around point I realised I'd run the 3 km fairly quickly and secretly hoped I'd be able to squeeze out enough energy to make it to 5 km in 30 minutes. But I soon found out my body had had enough of being pushed! The last 1 km was really tough and I had to stop short bang on 30 minutes. By this time I was moving so slowly that it was farcical to even pretend to be running. According to my GPS file, I managed 4.7km.

Now that I know I can run for 30 mins at almost 6mins/km pace, I'm going to ease right back on the speed and try for for some easy(!?) 30 mins runs, choosing different routes - some with small hills - and not bother to measure the distance. Well, I'll do this for the last week 7 and week 8 runs, but I may be tempted to step it up again for week 9 ;-)

I don't mean this post to sound boastful, nor to be demoralising to those who's current pace is slower. As someone who was fairly fit before I started, I wanted to push myself and I'm sharing this because even us slightly faster than tortoise runners (I was overtaken by another runner today!) really struggle sometimes ;-)

(I'm wondering if the above fields of barley which I pass will be harvested before I complete week 9)

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