Wk9R3 - Mission Accomplished

Graduation. It all seems to have passed very quickly without any drama. I don't suddenly feel like a 'runner', but it's not a label I'm interested in anyway, just a more healthy lifestyle. C25K has hopefully given me the wherewithal to achieve that. Thanks are due to everyone on this community for their support and encouragement, it really has been very helpful. And to everybody still slogging away at it, stick in there, you'll get there in the end. Thank you all, and good luck to you with your personal journeys.

6 Replies

  • Congratulations on completing the programme. Happy running...

  • eWll done Seanzo. its a great achievement. I did W9 R3 this morning very pleased with myself. :-)

  • Well done p184. Good job! :)

  • consider this comes with the sound of fireworks to add the drama you deserve to your graduation :) Very well done. A great start to your determination to lead a healthier lifestyle. Now celebrate :)

  • Well done Seanzo another inspiration for those of us working our way through.

  • Oh, well done, Seanzo - congratulations on your graduation and keep up with the healthier lifestyle.

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