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Not ran for over a month

So was amazed last night when i ran 5.15km in 41 mins 45sec! - i beat my PB by nearly 6


Even better was the fact that it was an easy run, and i wasnt trying to get anywhere in any time.

I thinki its due to a new route - running through woods with no exact end point in mind, and that i actually wanted to go running. Little additional bonus was the fact i was wearing my new running top too, which proved to be lovely and warm, but not too warm, and much comfier than i expected, considering its a tad too tight at the mo!

So last night was the first run of a new challenge for me - to run a total of 100km by xmas. In theory 2 5km run per week should see me there easily!

Just not sure what to do when the nights draw in. Can really run in the dark through the woods can i? And im not confident enough or strong enough to ru n on the streets of my village - too many idiots and hills!

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Great stuff. Any chance you can run at lunchtimes?


Not really. Think i may end up investing in a head lamp and still do the trails. I run with my OH, so better than on my own in the dark


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