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Brrrrrrrrrrr, winters arrived then (o:

Decided to go for my 2nd run of W8 this morning before work. Got dressed in my usual running gear (jogging trousers and a long sleeved technical tshirt) and headed out. It felt cooler than previously but i figured id warm up once i got going. How wrong was i ! my legs never really felt warmed through and by the time i got home my hands were bright red and numb to the point where i struggled to unlock the door! I suppose the frost on the grass in the park should have given it away but when i got in my car to come to work it politely informed me it was 3 degrees August!!!!.

I thought it'd be a while before i needed to worry about running in the cold but it looks like i may need a shopping trip sooner than id planned but what do you wear to run in the cold? I really don't know where to start!

On the plus side i managed the full 28 minutes despite feeling frozen and the sunrise was beautiful in the cold air. I think i could definately get into winter running if i can just work out how to keep hypothermia at bay without overdressing and passing out from the heat (o:

So one more run of week 8 to go then onto week 9....i still can't believe im saying that!! All being well i hope to graduate next week then im off to Cornwall for a week and hopefully my first post graduation run on a beach somewhere (o:

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Yours is the second blog I've read about it being very cold, it was cold when I started out this morning but in my case it doesn't take long for the internal heat to built up - I'm like a human furnace! Saw some nice running gloves with wicking (just under a tenner) this week, might be good for winter, I'm sure even I will feel the cold at some point in the coming months. Good luck for your graduation run! :-)


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