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W6R1 . . . . phew!

After a slight technical glitch the first 5 minutes in, when my 12yr old daughter just Had to stop for a bio break in the trees, and my failed attempt at resuming the podcast and doing the 5 minute warm up walk again I finally got into the run. It was tough, each section seemed hard and my legs were weary, but I dug deep, slowed my pace and I did it :o)

I have read other blogs which say it's hard to go back to shorter runs with walk breaks and have to agree. I know it's all part of the programme though so it will come good in the end.

I'm away for the weekend and won't get to run so here's hoping that an extra day of rest will bring new energy for R2 on Monday :o)

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Ooh, that will be me in the morning. Been out celebrating my birthday a d hope it won't have too much of an impact. But well done you for getting through it!


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