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Weather almost put me off

I almost didn't run last night as it was cold and a bit drizzly when I got home from work. But then I thought I can't make excuses like this, especially when the weather is not *that* bad. Somehow after I'd changed and stepped outside the sky cleared and the sun came out, yey!

I was quite cold at the start but this 28 minute run was much better than the first. I ran the same route but covered more distance, to my surprise and sped up a little in the last 5 minutes, and then a bit more in the last minute :). In the middle of it I felt quite tired and started doubting if I could even finish it, but once I focused my mind some on something else that soon passed. As always I felt great when I'd finished. That is what I try to think about when I feel the doubts creeping in.

One more week 8 run left, yikes!

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Well done! Dont let the cool drizzle put you off, it is really refreshing to run in those conditions in my humble opinion!


Certainly better than the heat a few weeks ago. I think I'll have to get a waterproof armband for my ipod though, before I kill it! As ever the hardest part is getting out the door.


I had the same thought deryn61, cool drizzle, perfect running weather :-)

Well done on week 8, you must be starting to get excited!


Indeed Phil. Four more runs to go! I've registered with my local Parkrun too to keep me motivated after I've finished the programme.


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