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Week 1

Morning all, I have been reading everyone blogs over the past couple of weeks, and you all inspired me to attempt this programme myself.

Last Sunday I was 286lb, and could bearly climb my stairs without huffing and puffing. W1R1 I found very tough, but managed it...just.... R2 was hard, and I was already fighting the demons telling me to stop and have a fry up!

I have just completed R3 and I am amazed at how well my body has reacted, I had to keep reminding myself to slow down, but the last 30 seconds were a battle, which I guess it should be!

I can't attempt W2 R1 until Sunday, so the extra day off is worrying me a little, but I am soo looking forward to it!

So if you are reading this trying to decide whether you can even attempt to complete this course, I am proof that week one is possible for anyone, I am more than aware that I will need to repeat some of the weeks along the way, and it will hurt!

Don't worry about how you look, or what others think, just get out there and do it....

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Well done you, that's brilliant, I think it is natural to try and go too fast I still do it sometimes now. The music helps listen to the beat and it will pace you. Having an extra day off will not be a problem may even help your body recover. You have to realise your body is still getting used to the new you. But as you have found already your body will adjust and when you look back in the week you will have an extra thrill as you realise certain elements of your efforts have improved. Enjoy your journey and keep posting. X


Well done Sedge. I know how you feel. I am over weight and thought things have to change. I am doing WK2 R3 tomorrow and cant believe that i haven't given up. Its amazing how you soon adapt to the runs. Keep it up, we should be fit and slim by Christmas


Well done Sedge. I have just come in from my first run week 4 cannot believe it I DID IT I am seriously overweight 37yrs old and have not ran since being around 15 , I honestly thought I was going to collapse on week one but didnt give up .I am so glad as today I have just done 16 minutes of running in one session .

You can do it your on the road to success if I can do it you can.

Well done on completing week one and good luck with week 2 keep it nice and steady i just keep reminding myself its about fitness not distance the distance will come once we graduate .


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