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The end of interval running!

Finished week 6 with the dreaded 25minute run and found it ok actually. Took 5 or so minutes to settle into a rhythm but after that really pleased with how things went. Over the last couple of weeks I've found stopping and starting running harder than the actual running which I think shows the progress I've made. Although I knew what Laura was going to say at the end of the podcast I still found it hugely motivating to be called a 'proper runner'. A few pins and needles in my right foot during the warm down again but went off after 5 minutes or so and felt a real sense of achievement. Bring on week 7!

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Well done. I have that one tomorrow. I'll be glad to say good bye to the intervals as I've found them really hard this week. Look us runners... Lol


Well done! Sounds like you're ready to move on to the longer runs. Progress!


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