Does the time of day affect your running?

I've been experimenting with running at different times of the day (well, whenever I can fit one in basically!) and I've found that I tend to have more energy and ability late morning but whenever I attempt a run at, say, 3 or 4pm, I can't keep going! It's noticeably different. Or maybe I am still not back to normal after my virus. Last Sunday, I ran 5K at 1pm and coped fine, then on Tuesday I tried running a shorter distance (3 or 4K) and had to stop after 5 mins as everything hurt!

Can't make head nor tail of it!


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13 Replies

  • Time, temperature humidity and numerous other reasons can affect how you run. when I started last year I used to run after work then after one particular bad run where the humidity made it hard to breath I changed to running first thing in the morning (5am) and I find I have plenty of energy and can manage a good 30 minute run. All in all it depends on what you find works for you and how long it was since you got over your virus.

  • Thank you manofkent62! I think mornings are better for me generally though I am not sure I could drag myself out of bed at 5am - I really admire that!

  • Just love those early runs... :)

  • You might find this interesting (the bit about the best times to exercise is near the end of the article):

  • Brilliant - thanks for this roseabi! I will read it and have a think. Just a brief perusal makes me think I am a Bear, LOL.

  • Go easy on the honey, mind :D

  • Early morning for me... the latest I have ever run is about 8.30 a.m. The earliest 5.30 a.m.

    It sets me up I am , I am full of energy ( usually ) :) and for me, it is a great time to let your body and your mind recharge, building on a good nigh's rest :)

    Also, I am retired and have not, the constraints of work :) Find the optimum time for yourself... and as long as you are not having to manipulate or force times, then that would seem perfect for you:)

  • Wow, I am in total admiration of those of you who run so early. I'm never awake before 6.30am!

  • I like to run after a period of being on my feet for a bit and having had food. I walk quite a bit, and find once I am mobile I enjoy a run more as I am less stiff. So,I,am more likely to run late morning, afternoon or tea time, or even later

  • I'm with you on the late morning ones :-)

  • It takes me a while to get going in the morning's, but am in the habit of getting out towards midday, yesterday I found the temp up about 10deg on last week, and really noticed it being 20c, maybe about time I got the shorts and short sleeved top on.. but our temp is a bit up and down at the moment!😊

  • Yes, when it's warmer or more humid it can be harder, definitely. Though earlier this week when the temperature plummeted again, I found my legs wouldn't warm up! Bizarre...

  • I started out running after work, but then one morning I couldn't sleep, so got up an ran. This is most unlike me as I am not usually that energetic in the mornings. However, I felt I ran better and it really set me up for the day. I then started making the effort to get up early and run, but one day last week couldn't, and when I ran after work I really struggled. It has completely changed my outlook and I have now decided that I need to go to bed a little earlier so I can get up early enough to do my runs in the morning.

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