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W4R3 and Aldi socks

Aldi running socks are just wonderful, I'm totally in love with them - and they were a fraction of the price of my 'proper' running socks I bought with my trainers. I won't say I floated round W4R3 but I got there, and according to I covered 3.6km after the five minute warmup and before the warmdown walk. When I think I did W1R1 up and down the hallway and round the kitchen table at home :-) I feel I've come quite a long way. Yet each run is still tough, it doesn't seem to get easier but it's do-able. I find it really weird how the first run of each session is so much harder than the rest, you'd think it would be easiest. Any advice for W5 would be much appreciated!

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Just realized I did the geodistance map wrong - I 'only' went 4km door to door. Thought it was too good to be true :-( ... oh well - four weeks ago I had problems running for a bus, today I managed 16 mins... just... the walk bits are still really necessary, I'm dreading W5R3... but hey, onwards and upwards... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...


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