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Tomorrow I shall restart this programme. I began 12 days ago, but on 'run' number 2, I pulled a muscle in my calf and had to limp home. After a week's resting it feels healed and a friend am I are going to re-embark on our mission after work tomorrow.

The thing is, I'm really quite anxious. I want to do this but I'm irrationally nervous about it. Why??

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I think it's only natural after you hurt yourself to be a bit nervous, take it easy to start with and I'm sure your worrying will ebb away. Good Luck :-)


I'm feeling the same Earl Grey. I pulled my calf muscle last Saturday trying to do a Parkrun. I assume it was because I hadn't warmed up properly and simply wasn't ready for a Parkrun (I'm only on Week 5). I want to have another run tomorrow but I'm worried my calf won't be able to take it.

I will be starting the warm up slowly, maybe even walking for a couple of minutes extra to make sure my calf is happy and fully warmed up before I start running. And I'm going back to Run 1 of W5 which is 5 min runs instead of the 20 mins I'm supposed to do.

I've felt nervous before nearly every run - will I be able to do it? What if this one is too hard for me? etc etc. But it's always been ok (apart from the Parkrun mistake!).

Incidentally, the Parkrun was the only time I've hurt myself and the only time I've run with someone else. They do say you should run on your own so you go at your own pace ... just a thought.

Good luck with your run tomorrow - let us know how you get on.


Well, that wasn't very successful! I was on the second run cycle and my calf muscle went again. Very annoyed.

Running is something I'd really like to be able to do. My brother's been doing it for over 30 years and I know how much pleasure and stress relief he gets from it.

I want some of that too!


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