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Restarting the programme


Like many here I was a non runner, and started the programme in 2015 - graduated on Christmas day! In 2016 I built myself up gradually, eventually completing my first 10K in September. So proud of myself. At the end of November I collapsed and was hospitalised for 10 days. I am sure that my running actually helped me survive (it was a close call) as my heart health was so good. I have now been given the all clear to start running again - but I am extremely nervous about it and keep finding 'excuses' not to go for that first W1 run... I will do it, but just need to gain the confidence to get out there again - great to begin reading all your stories which are inspiring me and helping me build up to taking that first step...thank you.

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Hooray for getting the okay to start running again. Glad you're better.

Have you got someone you used to run with that you can invite to accompany you on a little jolly?

If not, maybe just head over to one of your favourite running places for a brisk walk and see what happens? Don't even take the app with you. No pressure.

Calire in reply to Maddee_6333

thanks for the support - I am planning on taking it very slowly, and I know I can do it physically it is just the emotional barrier. Deep breath... count to three and just do it!

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to Calire

That's the spirit.

Good luck with that first run Calire.😊

Post on here to let us know how it goes... take it easy.x


you can do this you have proved that already and the doctors have given you the green light so go on do it enjoy it .

As you already know from your first time its not a physical thing a lot of the time it's just the Gremlings and the fear of the first run just have to tie your laces and go for it slow and steady .

I love the idea that it is just a question of 'tie your laces and go for it...' - will adopt it as my new mantra. will let you know how I get on...hopefully this week.

GillmaGraduate in reply to Calire

I found the Active10 app a good starting point. Low pressure but logs brisk walking periods and collates achievement per day and per 30 days. Rather neat. I keep it going even though I'm on w7. Good luck and well done - thinking precedes action after all!

Calire in reply to Gillma

Not heard of that - will check it out. Thank you...


Yeay.. welcome back :) Glad you are back on the healthy and happy running path. :)

Take yourself out for a gentle jogette and enjoy the relaxed feeling of doing something you know you are good at :)

Slow and steady as ever...and " Trust the magic of new beginnings " :)

Best of luck!

I'm sorry you have had such a terrible time; but you are back and raring to go; welcome :)

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