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loving 'speed'

after trying stepping stone and not really feeling it, i went out last night running after a week gap. not just the last week - over the last 3 weeks Ive only been out on 3 occasions. but I decided i was going and after a busy (but not that physical) day at work at 20.05 I made it out the door. I nearly did week 9 podcast (again) but after doing half of the warm up walk i changed my mind and opted for the speed one to try.

not sure if it was because its a bit shorter or just proud that id made the effort I found it a lot better and I felt it helped me focus and not just think of the time ticking by. I would advise anyone to try it especially if youve been like me - feeling like youre in a bit of a rut and getting fed up

Previously i think id been put off by the name - as i dont usually go very fast but I didnt find it as hard as I thought. the whole podcast is only 26 min. i went into the run after the warm up ended but when it finished the interval bursts I wasnt sure what to do - so i found myself adopting to go back to the 150 light running for the last 5 min and i just did the cool down walk to get me home. :)

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I liked Speed too I think you can get as much out of it as you put in by the speed you do. I must admit I enjoyed it so much I could have done it again and maybe next time will do it twice if I'm able ;)


yes i know what you mean! not sure if i could do the whole thing twice - but i did think about it to work up to


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