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I've noticed something slightly weird in the last few days. When I go out for my runs (for runs read jogs), clad in my delightful new Lycra capris, running shoes, (still run in scruffy t-shirts, haven't got myself a special one yet), I feel like I'm not exactly a runner but a person who can run (on occasion, in very specific circumstances, i.e. not up hills. not fast, etc.). When I'm not all set up to run, I feel like the same old, chubby, feeble, can't-run me that I was at the beginning of week 1! Is that strange, or what? Yesterday, wearing a long skirt and sneakers, I decided I'd just jog up the snicket home, which is a gradual incline... by half way up I was out of breath and had achey legs and was glad to turn off to go to the Co-Op! What's that all about, then, when I'm on Week 8 and did a 30 minute run on Sunday (in my running kit, of course!)??

Ah, well, c'est la vie! W8R2 tomorrow will hopefully make me feel more like a 'real' runner!


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  • I know how you feel, Soozz! I can do the runs without too much trouble but when I go to do something like sweep the stairs (of all things) it literally exhausts me and I feel like I've run for an hour straight!

    At least we know we're getting healthier though, right? I mean 30 minutes of running seemed laughable 7 weeks ago! :)

  • Maybe you hadn't warmed up your running muscles (which as we know are connected to the self-doubt part of our brains by invisible elastic)? I know what you mean about feeling the same outside of the running though. I'm still not any more energetic/enthusiastic about house-cleaning and weeding the garden. ;) Maybe if/when I finally step out of this fat suit that somebody sewed me into...

  • I think we all feel this way, maybe also because when we go for our runs we're all geared up for it.. I thought I was becoming a bit fitter until last week. I was at an audit in a very large industrial factory. During the audit i needed to get to the top of a plattform (about 150m high and no lift) so I thought no problem I'm fit! I've been running/walking for 3 weeks. Half way up I felt like my heart was going to stop and my knees felt like jelly, not a nice feeling. I was a bit upset but I came home and did my W3R2, I wasn't even out of breath (ok a bit) it felt good!! Keep on running :)

  • I thought the same when I went for a walk with my daughter on Monday. 'I run three times a week, this walk will be easy'. Even walking, I felt like the hills were going to defeat me! ;)

  • It's obvious Soozz! When you run, you're wearing your bouncey trainers that have a mind of their own (a bit like Wallace's wrong trousers)!

  • Ha ha, In that case they were definitely worth getting, bouncey is good.

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