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Pigeon jogs

So that's W4R2 done. And once more that scratchy feeling in my lungs appeared after the first 3 minute run and I was actually dribbling during the first 5 minute run too - I know we have a fixation about school PE but regressing to dribbling is too much!

And when Laura says "you are half way through your run only 2 and a half minutes to go" does that make you laugh too? I also laugh out loud when she says "I hope you're relaxed and ready for the next run." But still, I'm having fun and getting there with my pigeon steps, or rather pigeon jogs.

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Well done what a lovely blog lucky being a pigeon I am still a tortoise

Hey hey I am sending this from my blackberry. Pat


Thanks Pat - Aesop proved that tortoises can outrun hares ;.) It's all in the mind, and you're only just behind me and I look forward to your reaction when you get to Week 4. xox Delia.


Well done, Delia, you're doing fab. I quite often mutter at Laura during runs, mostly 'Talk to me, Laura' when I think I should be nearly finished, sometimes 'You have got to be joking!' when, as yesterday, it turns out there are five whole minutes left. I must sound totally mad to anyone who hears me. Haven't dribbled yet, though!


Yeah...I tend to run with my mouth open. Most unattractive I know, but who cares. Thanks for the encouragement Soozz, it's gonna get hard next week, right?


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