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First run after work... I'm scared

How funny is that?! It's 08.40 am, I am in the office, seating at my desk and would rather be running in the park...

I finished Wk2 on Friday and wanted to go for my first run Wk 3 on Sunday, but I went out for my birthday the night before. Lack of sleep and the stupid temperatures we have at the moment did not help. My other half and I went instead for a 7 miles walk.

But now, it means my first run after work... I'm dreading it for a couple of reasons:

1- I never did - new things always seem a bit scary

2- well It's my first run of wk3

3- I find it easier to exercise in the morning when the stress hasn't build up too much

4- I think my journey back home in a non-air conditioned train will be a killer

5- And this might be the worst: When I do exercise in the evening, I feel hyper and struggle to sleep! I do feel tired, but I'm up beat and I still can feel my muscles working.

I know you are going to tell me to get up early instead, but that means going to bed early... The days are getting shorter and I'm getting worried about how I'll fit my new habit into my daily routine. Maybe I should quite. I mean my job!

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Maybe this is the start of something! Maybe it might give you the boost you need to change things, I don't know about you but running has given me more confidence, and I feel if I can run I can do anything!! You talk about stress and a nightmare train journey, That must be hard. One thing at a time and keep running! Doesn't matter where or when you do it!! Xx


Sounds like the running bug is coming, isn't this an amazing program, enjoy your next run whether that was tonight or is in the morning. I'm with you, find running in the morning best, you can always have a snooze on the couch in the evening to make up for the early start and without any guilt :-)


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