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25 minutes - Week 6 done

Oh how I wish all runs were like the one today! It shows how important it is (for me at least) to have "realised" the fact that I wil go running in the morning/a few hours before I actually do it. I decided to go out early today even if it's a Sunday and I had to work yesterday.

I was out of bed at some minutes after 7am, had some water and a cereal bar and was starting the warm-up walk at 7.31. I switched routes on short notice due to the sun blinding me, that that was a good choice. The route was all flat, down one long road and then through a wood. I turned around after the wood at the 13 minute mark and headed back the same way.

I was into a steady rhythm, had not even a tiny sign of the stitches or thought "I don't want anymore!" a single time. It was so good it's ridiculous! Was happy it was over after 25 minutes though. ;)

Thanks to the route I had my cooldown walk along the side of the lake and got to take pictures of it in the morning sun.

I covered 3,59 km only in the running time and that, and the fact that it felt easy again make me confident I manage the 30 minutes fine when I come to them.

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Well done and it truly looks beautiful down by the lake. All non stop from now on and it's great, enjoy :-)


Well done SuZi! :)

Good runs are a great thing when they come along and this definitely sounds like one! Great picture of the lake too - I have one similar near to where I run and that is lovely in the evenings! :)

Good luck with the rest of your runs - Week 9 isn't far now! ;)


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