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An odd request for advice

Just been on my week 9 1st run and managed it again, quite close to 5k too, the thing is im 48, 5ft 1 and getting smaller im sure lol, the smallest feet ever and very tiny frame, I dont need to lose any weight, as im very light anyway, I just wanted to do this to see if I could complete it because I alway give up on anything I do, anyway I weighed my self tongiht and I have lost weight, I cant afford to, so what shall I do, any ideas, I dont actually want to stop this and im eating enough.

I dont want to waste away...

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I would guess just slowing down might help...Im no expert...sheesh i wish then i would be slim already. Let us know if you finish or GIVE UP....see what i did then I CHALLENGED you to finish what you would normally quit on....go on prove me wrong :-D

Oh and GO BUY SOME CHOCOLATE....LOTS OF IT!!!! tee hee


I work in an NHS eating disorders service and my advice would be to follow your appetite. Increase your calorific intake by 200 calories or so per day and see what happens.

There is a theory, known as set point theory that believes your body will adapt its metabolic rate and always settle at approximately the same weight. Your set point is dependent on many factors including genetic make up.

Good luck :-)


I'm really glad you asked this littlejan because by the sound of it you're a very similar build to me, last time I weighed myself I had unfortunately lost weight too & gone into the dreaded 'underweight' zone (I'm due to start week 8 & think it's happening as a result of doing the longer distances as I was steady weight until now, albeit at the low end of healthy BMI). I enjoy running and like you this has been a challenge for me, I really don't want to give it up but can't afford to lose any more weight. What a conundrum!

Very interesting answer from earl-grey-sian, thank you, I have been eating extra calories & will keep at it (although it's hard sometimes in this heat when my appetite naturally declines). The NHS BMI calculator advises an increase, but not fatty stuff like chocolate (because we thin people can get clogged arteries too), but more carbs etc.

One thing I would add is that I read snacking late at night (normally a no-no) could help because you won't burn it off in your sleep. I now make sure I have some toast with peanut butter late on before bed, especially the night before I run. Best of luck to you, hope you manage to sort it out & keep running. :-)


I've been having problems with my blood sugar, and my GP said to eat a banana 1/2 hour before running so my body stores don't get used. I wonder if the same thing might be good for you, obviously a banana won't be too much help. What about eating some nuts or dried fruit before you run? I never get cramp so I don't know if this might cause that. Just wondered if eating and then running might save your fat reserves from being used?


Eat carbs.

Spaghetti, Fettuccine Alfredo, 5-cheese lasagna -- pasta/starches/carbs of any kind will spike your insulin which will prevent your body from mobilizing stored fats for fuel.

Eat an hour or more before your run and you should be fine.


Additionally, you could cross-train to build muscle mass (muscle weighs more than fat).

Generally, runners tend to lose upper-body strength/mass, so a couple of days doing pushups and pullups will help offset this loss and may help even out your weight.


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