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I'm still runnIng!

Hi all. Not blogged for ages so just in case you thought I'd gone back from 5k to couch, I certainly haven't. I'm still running every other day but am now working on building my speed. I have started back at week 1 with the aid of runkeeper to coach my pace. My benchmarked 5k about 3 weeks ago took me 50 mins which is about the pace of an arthritic snail but have so far got it down to 45 mins. Quite happy with my progress but the ultimate aim is to get to 30 mins by Xmas. I really want to do a parkrun but am not comfortably just yet at my current pace. Have got my bar code ready (gathering dust). I run every other day and like to throw in some straight 30 min coached runs with my own playlist and have tried the stepping stone but didn't really enjoy it that much. Will try it again soon now I am getting used to running a bit faster. I always do a 5k at the weekend when there are no time pressures, no dinner to cook, not worried about about it getting dark etc. Weight still coming off slowly but shape is improving and have just dropped my 2nd dress size since starting C25K at the end of May. Holiday to south of France with some work colleague friends is less than 2 weeks away now and this is what motivated me to start this program. I am now comfortable to be seen in a pair of shorts and wore a pair in public last weekend for the 1st since I don't know when. I will be running whist away and am looking forward to finding some new routes. Will be out tomorrow at 7:30 to do a 5k and then spend the rest of the weekend in the sun with friends, over indulging without the guilt thanks to C25K. Happy running all.

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That's great to hear, you were always one of my benchmarks, so I'm glad to hear your still running. I'm a few weeks behind because i had to take three week out for knees and repeat two weeks, so five weeks behind I think. Anyway your definitely improving your times, when it comes down to it this runnings about you and no one else, I'll look forward to your updates on the way and news of your PBs, enjoy :-)


Thanks Phil. Keep up the good work. It's good to know that someone still remembers me on here.


Good to see you posting again, I would definitely do a parkrun, they are great fun and dont worry about times (I gobsmacked myself on my first one when I was 4 mins faster than the time I was taking on my solo 5k runs!) and it is a lovely sociable thing to do.


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