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Tried Stepping Stone and Speed - next up Stamina!

I graduated a few weeks ago and have just been running to my own 30 ish min long playlists and covering around 4k but def not 5k. I came accross the 5k+ podcasts the other day and thought I'd give them a go to see if they could get me up to 5k or at least help me improve my speed etc.

I did 'stepping stone' on Tuesday which I found tough but good, and last night I did 'speed' which again I found challenging but I really enjoyed the intervals... obviously its a shorter run overall so I added an extra 5 min run on the end of the intervals as felt I had enough energy left to go for a bit longer... The sessions just seem to go so much quicker with Laura in my ear, personally I find the music a bit lame but I like having Laura back in my ear talking me through the running, although I like running to my own music more I found 30 mins without Laura boring! lol - If only I could combine the two!

Going to give 'stamina' a go tomorrow!


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Since graduating I also have been doing around 30 mins to my own music (or listening to plays!!). I am quite slow and only normally manage around 3.5k. I would like to improve my speed so I was really pleased to read about 'Speed'.

I have now completed it twice and like you I added extra 5 mins to the end. I really enjoyed them as I found it interesting to keep changing speeds and having to get the beat right.

I will try the other 2 sometime soon, keep up the good work!!


That's interesting - didn't know about these podcasts - I'll look for them. Like you angelmummy, I'm a 30 minutes = about 4.5 k at best runner as I'm quite slow. 30 mins 3 times a week seems a manageable amount of time for me - so if I want to see improvement and keep the challenge once the 30 mins get too easy (not there yet!) then I've got to look at my speed.


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