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C25k Day 4, 16th August 2012

So the first day of week 2 and the first 2 runs of the session today were hard. In fact I started feeling my calves toward the end of the warm-up! After the first 2 runs I tried a different route and ran round the path that circles the tennis courts, it's a good, even path with a couple of inclines/declines and I think I will use this again for the rest of this week.

Was a bit naughty and had fish and chips last night. I have been eating really well since starting c25k and to be honest I felt a bit sick afterwards! I got up this morning and had a glass of water and then had a banana figuring that last nights' fish and chips was not great to go running on. I think the fact that the last few runs of this session were not as draining as previous means that the banana could be a good idea every morning, just needs to be a little longer before I start my run to be fully effective for the whole session.

As the running is a little longer in duration (only by 30 secs!) I had more time to relax and settle into a natural stride and I really found my form and rhythm, which had been worrying me on previous runs. So another little achievement and really enjoyed it out there today, can't wait just to be able to get out and run for half an hour, any where I want, with any music I want, any time I want!

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Well done on starting week 2, it won't be long before you're hooked and only a few weeks until you can run with your own choice of music, good luck and enjoy the journey.


Thanks Phil! Appreciate the encouragement.


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