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Hills, sheep and forward-facing fear

Hills, sheep and forward-facing fear

Today I completed run 5.1 and I felt fantastic. I glowed so much with pride that I imagined that everyone who walked past me in the street on my 5 minute warm-down walk was looking at me with envy.

I should probably have realised it was more disgust at how sweaty I was on such a cool evening.

Anyway, I tackled more hills today. Though this isn't difficult where I live, I still feel proud. I hope that this whole hill malarkey means that if I ever get a chance to run on the flat, I'll be like Speedy Gonzalez.

I also met a sheep in the city farm as I came near the end of my final five minutes. It climbed up a ramp onto the top of its shed and bleated at me loudly. Wildlife is a great distraction.

BUT... more importantly.

Week 5 Runs 2 and 3 are looming and I'm beginning to feel mildly panicked. I'm trying to run at different times of day (apparently its good for your metabolism) so was thinking of doing 5.2 at about 6:45 on Friday.

Week 5 graduates... I have a question for you.

Am I mental?

Or is this possible?

And can I get through this.

Answers on a postcard, or below.

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No, yes, and yes! No, you're not mental. Yes, it IS possible, Yes, you can do it.

I have suffered serious self doubt and anxiety about almost every run of the programme - yet somehow I'm still here (doing W7R3 tomorrow), and most importantly, enjoying it (most of the time). It requires overcoming a whole lot of mental barriers and not a few physical ones, but have faith in Laura, the programme, and the support and help on this blog site, and you will get there. That glow you got from doing W5R1 is one of the biggest factors in continuing, it's such a great feeling when you complete a run you never thought you could do!

I am very impressed with your hill-running! I live in a hilly place but sneakily avoid them. Yesterday I did a silly thing and did lots of steep downhills which really made my legs ache and spoilt the rest of the run by tiring me out. You will be super-fit if you can run up and down hills!

I absolutely dreaded W5R3 and set out convinced I'd be slinking home feeling a total failure. Much to my amazement I not only got through it but enjoyed it...and felt so proud and elated for the next few days!

So good luck, you can definitely do it. Laura has prepared you well and you will be ready.


I have just completed Wk6 run 3 and can't believe I ran for 25mins! I remember well the trepidation of week 5 run 3 but...... here I am still going. I also run in a hilly area but as I have said before I think it has its benefits. It is strange but I find the running isn't gettting any "easier" but it isn't getting harder, which I think is about right and that I am still pushing myself to improve each time.

When I left the house this morning I had almost convinced myself I could never run for that long but Laura convinced me and I had a go. Laura is right, even though you might not feel it (because running IS hard work) the program has definately prepared you for this and you can do it!


Youll love it, I thought week 5 was great, course you can do it


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