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C25k Day 3, 14th August 2012

So completed the first week and actually this last run felt harder than the others! I think the rain didn't help. I started out on the pavement only as I was running to the park to complete the session (as I did on day 2) but running on the wet grass I really didn't like. So went back down to the beach road which was much better.

I have been wondering if I would ever stop aching, but despite finding the last run harder, I actually don't really ache at all now, even a day later.

It is difficult to understand how I am running in terms of my technique/style and whether it is correct, as I am only running for a minute at a time. Hopefully all will become clear now the running times are getting longer.

Looking forward to starting week 2 tomorrow so now there's no escaping it, I'm going to have to buy some proper running kit!

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