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Last Week Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First run of week 9 today and managed 4.76K I am determined to run 5K by the last run. Cannot believe how far I have come. Will be nice to finish and not be so restricted to running 3 times a week for a certain amount of time, but am also worried that following the programme is the only thing keeping me going. Will go alone for a couple of weeks I think then if I start to lose motivation I may try one of the other podcasts people are talking about.

To anyone just starting out, keep at it, it is such a great achievement (not that I have finished yet, still 2 more runs to go) when i first started I only downloaded the first 3 podcasts as really didnt think I would stick at it but I have and its a great feeling, keep going people!!!

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Not long now, know exactly what you mean, I'm looking forward to challenging myself for two to three weeks, but then I'll need another challenge, I'm thinking about a bridge to 10k programme.

I could only manage 60 sec 8 weeks go, how good has this programme been:-)


Well done you. I graduated a couple of weeks ago and am now running 5k 3 x per week. Best so far was 5k in 32 m 40s. Still feeling really motivated and it's all down to this place!


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