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Tried Laura's "Stamina" tonight

I didn't find it helped with my motivation when Laura said I'm nearly at the end of a session to then be told I would now be moving on to an even faster session - gulp!! I found I really really wanted to walk in between the various sections because of that. That said I enjoyed this one more than Speed and Stepping Stones especially as there is a bit of singing on the tracks now and then which took my mind off the running. I managed to cover just over 5K in the 35 minute session. I'm now going to repeat all 3 podcasts in rotation.

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Well done Heartboy, covering over 5k in 35 mins is great.

I tried it on Saturday and loved it, BUT collapsed in a heap when Laura said we are going to up the pace for the last five mins......I figured everyone needs SOMETHING to aim for, eh! Next time maybe I'll be more prepared mentally. I really enjoyed having the goal again though after being in limbo since the end of the C25K programme


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