My Graduation badge

Hi everyone, I was just wondering how long it normally takes for JR21 to put the graduation badges next to our names. I messaged him yesterday morning and I've just got up after sleeping off a night shift. I turned the PC on with great expectation and ........nothing as yet. It's silly but I really want to see it next to my name. It's like my badge of honour lol!

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  • Can I just say congrats! Well done, you made it! :-)

  • Congratualtions on graduating welshwoman!! :D

    Don't worry, he will get round to it ~ I graduated last Sunday and didn't get my badge until Wed/Thurs. I don't think he works weekends so I'm guessing you may get it tomorrow.

  • Thank you. Xxx

  • Well done, bet you feel great! :-) WoooooHoooooo

  • Congratulations! My badge arrived within a couple of days :)

  • I applied for mine yesterday and like you I want it now!!!! But i guess I don't need it - I know I have done it and it will come soon --- I hope!

  • I really do feel great about graduating. Well done fellow graduates and those of you still working your way through the programme, it works. Good luck xxx

  • If it's any consolation, I'm waiting too! I'm sure he will get to us all eventually, don't worry! :)

  • It's here!!! My badge is here!!!

  • I graduated over a week ago, and I'd hardly got my breath back before I messaged him...still nothing : (

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