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Week 9 Nearly there!

Finished my first run of week 9 today. I struggled with the three hills - 1 large one and 2 smaller ones but I made sure I took smaller, slower strides and still covered 4.64k in 30 minutes #c25k posted I was a graduate after my first run but officially I have 2 more runs to try and improve my time. I can't believe I can now jog for 30 minutes when some years ago I couldn't even run to the next lamppost after my house before I walked home thinking I could never do it. I am nearly there!

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Absolutely brilliant! Well done, Ilovechocolate! Week 9 AND hills. You are a real trooper, I am a total wuss and avoid hills as much as possible in the Yorkshire Dales. All the best with your graduation runs, sounds like you will have no problems whatsoever getting there.


Thanks Soozz! Oh believe me I avoided every hill possible to start with. It was much easier going around the park and when I came to a hill on the runs , I turned around and headed in the other direction. Now the runs are longer, I don't have many routes to choose from that don't have hills and going around our small hilly park is very boring. I thought from the advice on here I needed to tackle them at some point.


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