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Need some Help

Night before last was meant to be my 1st run of week 2 but seemed to get attack of the bad belly like I did on sunday - dont know if its my metabolism gearing up or just me not well, then yesterday I woke up with pain in my knee, i can weight bare but it hurts when i bend it and I have NO clue what i've done to it.

Needless to say I have not run again yet but yesterday I cleaned the house top to bottom, mowed the lawn strimmed the edges of the garden and then went to Tesco to do the shopping rather than do it online so ive still been moving just not the way i would of liked.

Its hubbies birthday today and we have people over at different stages throughout the weekend so i will get out when I can but without knowing what has caused my knee injury I have no idea what to do

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Having just graduated on Wednesday and had my fair share of aches, pains and extra 're-run' weeks, I would probably get myself to the doctor's before continuing. If you have done something to your knee, you don't want to make it worse as you may find you can't run again at all!

Think your best bet is to get your hubbies birthday and the weekend out of the way and get yourself to the doctor. If he/she says it's ok to continue I would do one more Week 1 run just to get back on an even keel then move forward to Week 2.

Hope you feel better soon! Good Luck! :)


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