Fun run

After doing Wk7R3 yesterday, going out late last night and planning the usual day off from running today, I woke up feeling good and wanting to go for a run, just a run without the pressure of it being a slight 'pass or fail' situation of one of the official C25K runs. So I made a playlist of 30 mins music plus the 5 mins walks start and finish and went off with the dogs thinking if I walked at any point, who cares. Amazed myself and ran continuously for over 30 mins, did some really horrible hills too and even managed to keep running while a weird french woman shrieked at me to keep my dogs away from her poodle. I can't quite believe it, 30 whole minutes and feel ok and not at all dead. Great programme.

4 Replies

  • Congratulations! you must be so proud of yourself! :) Keep up the good work! xx

  • Thanks nicostar!

  • Aaahhh Suki you've been bitten by the running bug for sure ;) Make sure you take a rest day or 2 now though, your muscles will need time to recover even if you do feel good. Walking your dogs will do you no harm though and they will be happy too. :) Well done.

  • Thanks Oldgirl. Ah yes, I'm definitely having a day off today don't you worry! ;-)

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